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Many people decide to live in Lehigh County, PA because of the good education and healthcare systems, top-tier community safety and awesome amenities aimed at a diverse population. Plus, Lehigh County has a rich place in history as having one of the first transportation routes for mining products during the Industrial Revolution.

Despite all the amazing factors of Lehigh County, you might not be able to fully enjoy living there if your HVAC system is making your home uncomfortable to stay in. That's where Belzner's Residential Service comes in. Our HVAC technicians have lived and worked in Lehigh County, PA for years, so we know how to best serve our community with incredible HVAC services. Dial 610-628-2099 today for more information.

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No matter what type of HVAC services you need, Belzner's Residential Service can get the job done right. We offer…

  • Heating services
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  • Oil tank services
  • Ductless mini-split services

We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable in your home all year long. Speak with our HVAC technicians about your heating and cooling project today.